Working with Brewers who have a strong focus on improving productivity balanced with a commitment to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility, Cavitus has introduced the BLE-FoamControl unit. This unit replaces the traditional carbon dioxide fed “bubble breakers” on beer canning lines, using 100% clean sound technology to reduce CO2 gas.

The system improves beer yields, reduces a plant’s environmental impact with less overall CO2 use, improved water to beer ratio / lower demands on waste treatment facilities, plus improves workplace health and safety resulting in true triple bottom line contributions.

“We are very excited to bring this technology to the brewing industry. Our partners are constantly seeking to reduce their carbon footprint in economically viable ways. The Cavitus BLE-FoamControl unit provides our clients with the ability to achieve this on relatively short payback periods. The reduction in waste alone on a normal canning line per annum can be in the million litre range. Add to this the reduced CO2 usage and the reduced risk to employees and you start seeing the triple bottom line benefits,” commented CEO Nigel Hall.

“Fortunately the target customers are also good corporate citizens, which is driving the uptake of our BLE-FoamControl system while also providing good payback and profit gains to them”.

“Although we saw the opportunity for the application in the brewery industry, we were very much focussed on our solutions for the soft drinks industry. However the breweries have encouraged us to bring this solution to market and we have worked with them to prove the returns on the technology.”

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