SDE – Spray Drying Eficiency

Cavitus sound technology enables significantly higher concentrations of dry solids to be fed to the spray dryer delivering up to $700,000 in additional profits annually.

What is the Cavitus SDE solution?

Spray drying can be an expensive process and the efficiency of your tower is a key factor in determining the success of your business. By using patented technology, Cavitus increases the concentration of the feed stream to your spray tower, thus reducing the amount of water that needs to be removed to produce dry product. By temporarily changing the attributes of the feed stock, the concentration of dry solids fed to the tower is increased by up to 10%.

Existing installations have reduced their carbon footprint and shown energy savings in the region of $1M per annum, depending on energy costs and product processed.

What problems does it solve?

The single biggest factor determining the energy consumption of spray dryers is the concentration of material fed into the dryer.
Feed stream concentration is usually limited by the maximum viscosity that the spray nozzles can effectively atomize or by fouling of viscous product on the surface of the feed evaporator (if used). For processes with a feed evaporator, it is significantly more energy efficient to remove water by vacuum evaporation rather than by drying.

The Cavitus SDE technology can modify the fluid dynamics of the protein concentrate stream feeding the spray dryer, allowing for higher concentration and percentage dry solids into the dryer. It uses efficient, high-energy sound waves to deliver one or more of the following mechanisms:

  • Remove entrained air and oxygen bubbles
  • Open up the compaction layers of the proteins
  • Temporarily reduce viscosity
  • Create a temporary change in the protein molecule alignment

What are the benefits?

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the Cavitus SDE technology:

  • increases your output by 10%
  • reduces your overall fixed and variable cost, for each tonne of powder produced
  • reduces capital costs and increases margins and profits
  • helps you keep pace with competitors
  • provides payback in under one year

Is it easy to install?

Cavitus provides a practical, energy efficient process, which can easily be retro-fitted onto existing drying processes and is especially designed for each plant.  There is a low down-time on installation and each system is designed to maximise your desired benefits. It is already successfully implemented across 3 continents with major dry protein producers with a payback period of one year or less.

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