BLE – Deaeration

Cavitus is focussed on delivering enhanced efficiency to its clients, resulting in improved filling line performance. These two application fields have been developed to provide ultrasonic technology solutions that are both non-invasive and cost effective.

The BLE-Deaeartion system is utilised in the tank prior to packaging of non-carbonated products. The de-aeration effect drives out excess/in-trained air. This has two major benefits, one that it reduces the amount of foam when packaging non-carbonated drinks and secondly that if there are particles in suspension the separation of these particles is reduced as air is dislodged from them, resulting in them remaining in suspension and not separating out. The system can also be utilised to replace existing vacuum air removal systems, reducing energy usage and ensuring no product degradation occurs such as loss of aroma, a common problem with vacuum systems.

Removes excess air, vastly increasing
productivity, yield and profitability.

  • Cavitus’ patent pending de-aeration technology removes excess air and its associated problems
  • Green and clean it is suitable for aseptic and hot-fill applications
  • Combats aeration issues by removing any excess air trapped in your product prior to bottling
  • Suitable for fruit juices, smoothies, flavoured milks, coffees and teas
  • Effective alternative to vacuum air removal
  • Non-invasive it removes nothing from your product except excess air/oxygen
  • Reduces product rejects, foaming, contamination and product spoilage

Want to burst the excess air cost bubble?