Cavitus is focussed on delivering enhanced efficiency to its clients, resulting in improved financial performance. The two application fields have been developed with industry partners and deployed worldwide.

Beverage Line Efficiency (BLE)
(CSDs, Fruit Drinks, Iced Tea)

Spray Drying Efficiency (SDE)
(Milk, Soy, Caseinate etc)

Food and Beverage customers around the world who have implemented our HPU solutions are seeing some of the following benefits in their manufacturing plants:

  • Improved plant productivity
  • Increased effective capacity – leading to improved output
  • Extended life of existing capital equipment & deferral of plant upgrades
  • Reduced unit production costs
  • Lower environmental impact (carbon footprint)
  • Reduced waste, spillage and spoilage
  • Reduced cap, thread, and seal contamination
  • Reduced additives
  • Reduced product recall
  • Bolt-on low maintenance equipment
  • Payback within 2 years.

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