PET Bottles Reject Rate : 0.87% down to 0,35 %, by using Ultrasonic Foaming Control Unit on Filler-Capper CSD and BEER manufacturers do you wish to :

  • Increase your Filling Lines speed (5% mini) ?
  • Save beer/CSD volume on every can or bottle filled (0.8 to 2 ml/ bottle or can)…
  • Take-off bubbles breakers ?
  • Decrease TPO in beer ?
  • Decrease HSE – 02 in beer can empty space ?


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For more information on the defoaming technology, please see here:

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Cavitus is a global technology innovator focussed on bringing productivity improvement technology to the food and beverage industry. The company services the soft drinks and brewery industries with its Beverage Line Efficiency technology solutions (BLE).

Cavitus has offices in Australia (Brisbane) and Europe (Zug, Switzerland). 

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