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Cavitus services the soft drinks and brewery industry from its offices in Switzerland, USA and Australia and through its network of distributors. Please use the link above to find your region and who will work with you to meet your filling line needs.

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Cavitus Australia

Asia & Pacific

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Cavitus is a global ultrasonic technology innovator focussed on bringing productivity improvement technology to the food and beverage industry. We service the beverage industry with our patented (and patent pending) Beverage Line Efficiency technology ( Defoaming, De-aeration and Fobber ) and the dairy industry with our Spray Drying Efficiency technology (SDE), achieving greater than 10% efficiency gains, energy savings and reducing product waste. We apply sound waves to achieve payback periods of less than 12 months, that is why we say “Sound Technology-A Sound Investment”.



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Altech Japan

Asia & Pacific

With Head Office in Tokyo, Japan and branches in China, Thailand and Indonesia, Altech is one of Asia’s largest suppliers of manufacturing equipment and preforms for PET bottle use.

Altech’s relationship with Cavitus focuses on the roll out of the BLE De-Foaming System [BLE] within Japan. Altech’s emphasis within it’s customer base is to ensure excellence in supply and service.


Isotech Pte Ltd

Asia & Pacific


Isotech is a reliable technology partner in the field of research, development and supply of technological products for the food and beverage industry. With the orientation of taking technology as the core from which to create new products to meet the needs of the market, Isotech has provided the coating product and spraying system which can apply for returnable bottle; washing products; anti slip product; lubricant for breweries in Vietnam and some countries in the world.

Our website: http://www.isotechvn.com/


Sensortech China

Asia & Pacific

With a Shanghai and Singapore team, Sensortech China service the Chinese and ASEAN countries for Cavitus, offering a high service level and reliable local service.

With solutions for fill control and FoamControl Sensortech can help you improve your filling consistency and reduce rejects and waste.

Our company has been in close cooperation for a long time with big groups such as ABINBEV, CRB, YANGJING, TSINGTAO, CARLSBERG to name only a few. Our professional level of service has come to be highly regarded and respected by them.

sensortech 中国拥有上海和新加坡团队, 为中国和东盟国家的 cavitus 提供服务, 提供高水平的服务和可靠的本地服务。

通过灌装控制和泡沫控制传感器技术解决方案, 可以帮助您提高灌装一致性, 减少废品和浪费。

我公司长期与 abinbev、crb、杨京、清涛、carlsberg 等大型集团密切合作。我们的专业服务水平得到了他们的高度重视和尊重。




电话:021-6609 0208 传真:021-6609 0209


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Founded in 2014, and carrying already with it an important background, Servicio Industrial Técnico Pacheco S.L. is a purely Andalusian company dedicated to the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical installations, to comprehensive maintenance of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) systems, as well as to electronic equipment repair.

A team of professionals that, through their commitment and effort, helped SITPAC become a benchmark for electrical installation companies in Andalucía spite its short history.

Our energy and high expertise in the projects we undertake makes it possible for us to adapt to the needs of our clients, providing a highly appreciated added value to our services. The quality of the work we offer is our main reference. Achieving our clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal and our efforts are entirely focused on it. This is something that, up until today, has been largely fulfilled, but our ambition is to continue on that path we have forged. We intend to better ourselves, even when facing obvious challenges. We have our experience, our professionals and, of course, the collaboration of our clients and suppliers to achieve this.

Our mission is to find the best solution for our clients. That is why we rely on two fundamental pillars: The quality of our work, and the creativity to offer what is needed at all times to achieve the ultimate goal in our projects. Effort and commitment are, along with quality, our main distinguishing marks.


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Cavitus Europe


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Cavitus works with a variety of distributors in various countries. Please contact us to find your local distributor.


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Edgme, Inc

North America

Processing and Packaging Solutions

Edgme Inc. specializes in finding solutions to the problems that cost you money. We work with strategic partners to offer quality machinery and equipment for the food and beverage industry. We understand your time is valuable and we work hard to find cost effective solutions to every day issues that save you time and money.

We’re not successful unless you are.


Toll Free:  1-800-506-6506