The trade show which is one of the largest in the region and showcases the latest trends, innovation and technology, was extremely successful and attracted hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors from all over the African continent and beyond. 

It provided Cavitus and KPE Engineering with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of Cavitus’ ultrasonic technology solutions across a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry.

Managing Director of Cavitus Europe, Middle East and Africa, Tobias Leischner commented, “Cavitus offers a number of sound wave solutions to those in the bottling industry and to dairy manufacturers. Our Beverage Line Efficiency system offers several options including BLE -Defoaming for CSDs, juices, sparkling wine and beer, BLE-De-aeration for pulp fruit juices, flavoured milks, teas and coffees and the recently introduced BLE-Fobber a completely non-invasive system to create beer fobbing without the use of water or CO2.

Our Spray Drying Efficiency technology used by the dairy industry, not only reduces energy costs and the carbon footprint, which is a hot topic in the region, but increases throughput for many plants and adds significantly to the bottom line.”

Mr Leischner continued, “Cavitus has already built strong relationships with customers in South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Ethiopia and our attendance at Propak Cape has provided us with a valuable introduction to manufacturers from other parts of Africa who are interested in improved productivity and profits. Our technology was new to many of the visitors to our stand and created a high level of interest. Of course it’s always more accurate to judge the real success of a show once orders start coming in, however my feeling is that our presence here  has opened many new doors in this important part of the world.  We are looking forward to a productive and successful 2015.”

As part of a strategic plan to harness opportunities in new markets, over the last six months Cavitus has attended successful trade shows in Brazil, Japan, China, the US, South Africa and Germany. See this article in Food and Beverage Asia.