Innovation in brewing is not a big sector.  After all, the Germans still brew to their Beer Purity Law of 1516.

In fact other than new microbrewery systems which are reducing in size to meet the hobby brewer at increasingly professional standards, there was not much real innovation on show. 

So Cavitus’ presentation of its new BLE-Fobber attracted much attention, both from brewers and equipment manufacturers.


Darren Bates Chief Technology Officer of Cavitus commented on the new technology, “Until now, beer bottle fobbing has relied on introducing water into the bottle to create sufficient foam at the right moment, to push all of the air out of the bottle ensuring shelf life and a bacteria free capping. Injecting another water source after brewing can cause spillage and introduce micro-bacterial matter, potentially spoiling the beer.

When canning beer, CO2 has been used to evacuate the air as water fobbing is not an option for cans. CO2 produces inferior results to fobbing with 90-120ppb compared to 30-60 ppb in bottle fobbing, again resulting in potential beer spoilage. Now there is an alternative – contactless fobbing with the Cavitus BLE-Fobber, an innovation that eliminates both water injection fobbing and reduces CO2 utilisation in the beer packaging process, delivering a cleaner, purer beer.

Our technology uses sound waves to create the required head, at just the right level for every type of beer. Contactless fobbing is 100% non-invasive and is compliant with the Deutsche Reinheitsgebot from 1516. We will be launching the BLE-Fobber with selected customers in January 2015 with a broader launched planned for Q2 2015.”

Nigel Hall, CEO of Cavitus was also happy with the outcome of attending the show. “As well as generating interest from the brewing industry we also received much interest in our BLE- Defoaming technology both from brewers and producers of carbonated drinks. This high level of interest reinforced the importance of our decision to exhibit in Nurnburg and validated our rapid growth plans which have already seen us expand into Europe and the USA this year. After the response at Brau Beviale we are more convinced than ever that Cavitus is offering extremely relevant solutions to our target customers. We were also pleased that the show attracted so many international attendees with over 70% of our visitors coming from outside Germany.”

During 2014, Cavitus has also attended successful trade shows in Brazil, Japan, China, South Africa and the USA.