Held in November at McCormick Place, the show was attended by thousands of international visitors interested in learning about new products, manufacturing techniques and innovative technology in the food and beverage industry.

There was plenty of buzz around the Cavitus booth with a constant stream of customers stopping by to view Cavitus’ ultrasonic technology solve the issue of excess foam in bottles and cans – a common problem for those in the multi-billion dollar bottling industry.

President of Cavitus Inc. Doug Dichting reported that he was very happy with the number and quality of attendees.

“ Our Beverage Line Effeciency (BLE) solutions are already implemented on all five continents with major bottling groups.  This was an opportunity to introduce ourselves as a local supplier to customers from North and South America and to reinforce our presence to businesses from around the globe. The level of interest was high as visitors were able to see our products in action through our demonstration unit and a series of informative videos.”

Cavitus’ patented Beverage Line Efficiency products offer solutions for de-foaming and de-aeration in the beverage industry and for fobbing in the beer industry , providing a new method of ultrasonic contactless fobbing as an alternative to the use of water and CO2. The Cavitus Spray Drying Efficiency system offers a practical method to help increase efficiency in the production of powdered products such as infant formula and whey protein.

Mr Dichting continued, “ Cavitus  has the solution to several of the biggest problems facing manufacturers in these market segments. To be able to increase productivity and profit with a payback period of less than a year, is a pretty inviting prospect for those trying to stay ahead of the competition. Although some of our products are fairly recent introductions in the region, with our exposure at Pack Expo we expect to attract increased inquiry in the US market and sell in large volumes throughout 2015.”

During 2014 and as part of a push to create a presence in the region, Cavitus has attended successful trade shows in Brazil and Chicago.  Cavitus has also exhibited in Japan, China, South Africa and Germany throughout the year.