Cavitus, the leader in ultrasonic FoamControl solutions for the beverage industry, recently joined forces with Isotech Pte Ltd to service the fast-growing Vietnamese market.


With experienced engineering team in the beverage industry currently, Isotech is well placed to provide beverage fillers, including soft drinks manufacturers, Breweries and non-carbonated drinks producers, such as milk, iced teas, orange juice, with the local sales and support demanded by the market.

Signing ceremony

CEO, Nigel Hall, pictured at the signing ceremony with Mr. Long, owner of Isotech, commented “Vietnam is an important market for Cavitus, with a good established customer base and ongoing demand. Capital investment is strong, plants are very well managed with very qualified team members and management are always looking for possible improvements, which is where Cavitus is able to provide solutions, generally with less than one year payback.

Appointing an experienced local partner means that not only can we better service clients, but also, we remove language and cultural barriers. Our goal is to propagate our technology as broadly as possible in the beverage industry, as it reduces waste, improves productivity and reduces the environmental impact of packaging, including carbon footprint and water usage.

In addition, I would like to thank Mr Long and his staff for the warm welcome and the opportunity to once again sample the fantastic Vietnamese culture and culinary diversity!”

Contract signed

Mr Long, Owner of Isotech, commented “We are very pleased to be able to represent Cavitus in the Vietnamese market and increase our offering of innovative products to the Vietnamese Beverage industry. The quality of the Swiss manufactured Cavitus FoamControl system, provides us with the opportunity to present a proven, reliable and economically effective solution to our existing and new clients. We look forward to growing the Vietnamese market with Cavitus.”


About Isotech:

Isotech is a reliable technology partner in the field of research, development and supply of technological products for the food and beverage industry. With the orientation of taking technology as the core from which to create new products to meet the needs of the market, Isotech has provided the coating product and spraying system which can apply for returnable bottle; washing products; anti slip product; lubricant for breweries in Vietnam and some countries in the world.

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Nguyen Bui Thanh Long       


About Cavitus:

Cavitus is a global technology innovator focussed on bringing productivity improvement technology to the food and beverage industry. Cavitus services the soft drinks and brewery industries with its Beverage Line Efficiency technology solutions (BLE).

Cavitus has offices in Australia (Brisbane) and Europe (Zug, Switzerland).

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Nigel Hall