Vision Trade International, Cavitus’ local distributor in Mexico, welcomed a large number of packaging and processing professionals to view the Cavitus Beverage Line Efficiency (BLE) defoaming unit in action. The demonstration of this efficient and cost-effective ultrasonic unit which treats the problem of excess foam on beverage filling lines impressed many of the attendees who visited the VTI stand, some of whom were seeing the technology for the first time.

Director General of VTI, Mr Miguel Hernandez was pleased with the level and quality of enquiries received at the show.  “We were delighted with the interest shown in the Cavitus Beverage Line Efficiency (BLE) demonstration unit and the resulting leads.

Beverage companies here are looking for methods which improve productivity but they also want to save on costs and are continually looking for environmentally friendly ways to achieve this. Cavitus equipment can increase throughput on foaming products by 10%+, increases syrup yields by 0.3% – 0.7% and allows for 6 degree C higher temperature filling at current throughput levels. There is enormous growth opportunity for manufacturers in Mexico which currently has the highest consumption of soft drink per capita, in the world” he stated.

Doug Dichting, President of Cavitus, Inc. agrees. “Cavitus understands the importance of this region when it comes to the beverage industry and we are working closely with our customers throughout Central America & South America to help them deliver the results they want. By working closely with established beverage industry professionals, in particular VTI in Mexico and MCPack in Brazil, we can provide a high level of service in these markets,” he concluded.

If you are interested in finding out more about Cavitus’ patented BLE products including de-aeration and fobbing or would like to know more about Spray Drying Efficiency (SDE) which increases efficiency in the production of powdered milk products, watch the videos at or visit VTI at Expo Pack Mexico, Centro Banamex, Mexico City from June 16-19 (Stand 4708) or MCPack at Fispal, Sao Paulo 23 – 26 June (Stand 187A). Or contact; or