The conference agenda covered topics such as corporate strategy and planning, sales targets for 2015, new developments and product updates within the company, additional opportunities in alternative markets, customer relationship management and marketing.

Day one commenced with a dynamic presentation from sales coach, Brad Power of Objective Assessment. Brad has worked with the sales team over the last 12 months on how to improve sales skills and effectiveness and shared his experience and knowledge throughout the opening day on the topic of ‘Closing more Business’.

Cavitus CEO Nigel Hall led a series of open discussions regarding global territories, the common input received from potential customers, who the big players are in the beverage market and what really drives success.  The discussions highlighted the globalisation of Cavitus in the last 12 months with customers now located in all corners of the world.

“The discussions around the solutions we have provided for beverage and dairy industry clients from Cape Town to Cairo, Istanbul to Lyon, Vladivostok to St Petersburg and across the US and South and Central America, show that global market trends are similar across the world but that many differences in operational requirements exist. Our ability to work with our clients to find a solution for their specific requirements is key to our success and by interacting with our team worldwide we are all learning more and more about our clients’ needs” commented Global Accounts Manager Dr. Darren Bates.

The attendees also appreciated a very informative presentation by Mr Jun Aoyama of Altech, Cavitus’ distributor in Japan, regarding the future direction of the Japanese beverage market and were provided with a detailed account of how Altech was recently able to rapidly solve a customer’s problem. Contacted on January 10th due to packaging issues with a new product formulation which was reducing the customer’s fill line speed from 900 to 450 bottles per minute, the Cavitus distributor was able to demonstrate Cavitus’ ultrasonic technology at the customer site within 2 days and implement a solution within just 3 weeks from the initial contact date, enabling the client to quickly get their filling line back up to full speed.

“The response time from our Japanese distributor and the ability to promptly solve the customer’s issue has been a text book performance. This really highlights the strength of the Cavitus network worldwide and our ability to deliver on our promise in a timely manner,” commented Nigel Hall.

Day three was attended by all Cavitus board members as well as staff. After the introduction and overview from the Chairman Mr Roger Voyle, there were various presentations and discussions covering strategic development and the challenges and opportunities which exist in each region.

Mr Hall commented “The conference was a great success in terms of communication and setting common goals. Our offices are located around the world and in different time zones, so it was invaluable to be able to get together in person and consolidate our plans for 2015. Cavitus is committed to providing value-adding solutions for the beverage and dairy industries worldwide.”

Even though the coast experienced over 300mm of rain in just a few days, the visitors were still able to appreciate the attractions and local dining experiences of Mooloolaba, participate in a friendly ten-pin bowling competition and when the rain finally eased, visit world-famous Australia Zoo.

”Cavitus has a great team and we are looking forward to a successful and productive year.  We are now gaining traction with the major players worldwide and have the network to support that demand and related growth,” concluded Mr Hall.