Cavitus has introduced a new way to solve excess air/oxygen issues for beverage filling lines through its patented Beverage Line Efficiency (BLE) De-aeration system.

It provides a cost effective and reliable solution to the aeration problems faced by companies involved in the production of fruit juice, smoothies, flavoured milks, coffees and teas.

The Cavitus BLE De-aeration system effectively addresses the issues of excess foam which can result in spoilt product, inconsistent fill volumes, increased bottle rejects, foam crystallisation, inefficient nitrogen dosing and cap seal contamination. Collectively these issues can cost a plant up to an additional 15% in production costs.

By removing any excess air trapped in the product prior to bottling, it reduces the risk of separation, especially of pulp products, improves product appearance thereby increasing customer confidence and minimises the threat of a reduction in overall sales as a result of poor product presentation.

Already providing ultrasonic solutions at plants worldwide, to those in the carbonated soft drinks and dairy markets, Cavitus’ non-invasive BLE De-aeration technology removes nothing from the product except excess air/oxygen. It is suitable for Aseptic and hot-fill applications, is clean, green and energy efficient, can be custom designed to suit specific beverage lines and is supplied as bolt-on retrofit technology, thereby involving minimal downtime for installation.

“No other product can provide such a cost-effective and easy to install solution,” said Dr Darren Bates, Cavitus’ founder and Chief Technology Officer. “The payback period for manufacturers is less than 1 year and Cavitus provides a performance guarantee. For beverage filling lines that are experiencing aeration problems, there is no easier way to increase productivity, reduce waste, improve quality and increase profits.”

Cavitus will be introducing the BLE De-aeration system at:

Stand number 148, Hall 5 at Brau Beviale Nuremberg, Germany from 11-13 November, 2014.

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