Location: Europe     Beer Bottle Line       Target: Filling speed improvement             Total Annualised Benefit € 1,520,000

Situation: The brewer was filling 330ml bottles at 34,000 bottles per hour on a KHS mechanical filler with approx. 60% of product filled (Pilsner), 30% Weissbeer and 10% dark beer. Operational performance of the line showed 15% reduction in filling speed due to over foaming prior to capping. The line speed was reduced to reduce spillage.


Solution: Cavitus fitted a BLE Lite unit to the bottle line, rated up to 40,000 bottles per hour. As this line had high foam levels and a speed of 40,000bphr the smaller powered unit was recommended. The Cavitus unit was fitted 20cm prior to the high pressure jetter.  The installation of the transducer/sonotrode on the star wheel was completed in 30 minutes (minimal 30minute down time of the line and impact on production) and the cabinet control panel was fitted outside of the filler and completed in 1.5 hours due to good project pre-planning involving the customer’s engineer.


Result: By applying the Cavitus foam control system prior to jetting on the star wheel section of the filler, the benefits delivered to the customer were;


  1. Increased filling speed from 34,000 to 40,000 bph
  2. Reducing the foam loss around the jetter and capper section of the line,
  3. Maintaining the same TPO level,


Payback period for the client was less than 1 month.


Business Case returns based on an average 40,000 bph facility, operating for 7000 hours per annum at 60% OEE,(i.e. 4,200 hours per annum productive)

330ml bottle


ImprovementEst Volume per annumValue
Filling speed increase 34,000bphr to 40,000bphr15% production increase (25,200,000 bottles per year) @ 0.06c per unit€1,512,000

For more information on the product, please refere to our product site: https://cavitus.com/products/foamcontrol/

Or view the defoaming process in action on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feBa0Sv9XQc