High Powered Ultrasonic Technology

Cavitation bubble

High Power Ultrasound is an Emerging Technology that is Clean and Green and adds to the Sustainability efforts of the businesses who embrace it.

High Power Ultrasound (HPU) as applied by Cavitus can be used in many industrial process applications. The current core product applications being sold commercially by Cavitus are using low frequency, high-power ultrasound (20kHz – 1MHz).

HPU is distinguished from traditional, low-power ultrasonics (jewellery cleaning baths and medical imaging) by the energy transmitted per volumetric measure (e.g., W/cm3), with typical differences measured in orders-of-magnitude.

Ultrasonic sound waves as emitted by HPU the Cavitus systems cause the creation of sub-microscopic vapour bubbles in the liquid phase, which expand and contract thousands of times per second. The collapse or implosion (“cavitation”) of the vapour bubble creates localised high temperature (Up to 5000+ Kelvin) and pressure (of 2000+ atmospheres) and the creation of a fast moving high-shear energy wave (i.e., 570 km/h).