Delivering efficiency on your filling line.

Cavitus is a global ultrasonic technology innovator focussed on bringing productivity improvement technology to beverage (soft drinks and beer) packaging industry. We service the beverage industry with our patented (and patent pending) BLE – Beverage Line Efficiency technology (Foam Control and Deaeration), achieving greater than 10% efficiency gains, energy savings and reducing product waste.

  • The reduced losses on a filling line delivers upto 15,000 hectolitres of product saving per year leading to;
  • more accurate fill levels
  • reduced cap contamination on PET and glass bottles
  • reduced seal contamination on cans
  • reduced energy costs
  • reduced cleaning requirements

This overall leads to an improved level of quality and productivity.

Foam Control for Breweries on Can and Bottle Lines

Cavitus FoamControl is used on can lines to replace existing carbon dioxide bubble breakers, with a cleaner, safer and more efficient solution. The technology also known as  de-foaming or de-foam technology or bubble-tech was developed and patented by Cavitus in 2013. Cavitus is the leader in FoamControl technology for the beverage packaging industry.

On bottle lines the FoamControl ensures the jetter meets a constant foam level and therefore can be more accurately dosed reducing product waste. The FoamControl system can be fitted to new lines, or easily adapted to existing lines. Installation is performed by one our skilled technicians and usually requires no more than 1 hour down time.

Call us today to discuss how the Cavitus FoamControl solution can save you millions of litres and deliver more to your bottom line.

Foam Control for Soft Drinks/Beverage Industries

The Cavitus foam control system has applications across all types of filling lines. Many of our customers utilise the product to reduce foam losses on CSD lines, we increasingly find non-carbonated drinks benefiting from the application of either our FoamControl or deaeration technology.

The benefits for fruit juice lines, milk filling and tea filling are increasingly sought by our customers and this demand is met with our new Aseptic unit, built to meet the demands of the aseptic market. Please download the Aseptic spec sheet.

Please visit our Case Studies page to access case studies that apply to your area of production.

Suitable for canning lines, Bottle lines, both RGB (Recycleable Glass Bottles), and PET,  Cartons and other packages. Can be fitted to any fillling line independent of manufacturer, age or speed.  Multiple industries serviced including beer canning, beer bottling, soft drink canning and soft drink PET and glass bottles and health care products.